I'm naturally inclined to use things I find in my immediate environment in creative ways. When I was living with my parents, I would make use of cloth scraps from my mother's business to fashion clothes for myself. When I got interested in cooking, I attempted to make the most of locally available ingredients and incorporate them into other cuisines.

    There seems to be a trend to this which I see now only in retrospect. When I married my husband, I was immersed into a new world. His family owns and operates a 100 year old steel business in Chennai. Steel had never been a part of my thoughts before, but all of a sudden I was surrounded by it. Again I started to wonder what I could make with what I was finding on hand. Albeit rugged and industrial, metal has an elegant aesthetic to it. It can be used to hold up factory walls while at the same time express an artistic vision. Using this medium became an inevitable next step for me. This venture was born as a result.

    Clean Slate was established in 2019 with the intention of offering a collection of modern, affordable metal art to the Indian market. The designs you see on the website are standard offerings but we also undertake custom orders. Please get in touch by emailing us or by using the contact form.

     - Kirthana Kumar